What we do

What We Do

At PASH we run a rescue shelter for stray and abandoned animals in Fiji. We also run Fiji’s first state-of-the art full equipped clinic which services both our shelter animals as well as our local community.

Rescue Animals

We provide an oasis for sick, abandoned, abused animals in Fiji. Our shelter gives our rescue animals a safe haven and the correct care needed to slowly rehabilitate and transition into a new forever home.

Prevent Cruelty

PASH will help the community the notified of suspected animal cruelty. We will also assist with medical care and animal rehabilitation of cruelty situations.

Most of the stray population are from unwanted pregnancies, the litter cannot be taken care of and are left fending for themselves on the streets. This is why we Spay and Neuter all our rescue animals and also offer this service to the community to eliminate unwanted pregnancies.

“No-Kill” Missions

We will do everything possible, and sometimes the seemingly “impossible” to give every animal a chance at a happy and pain-free life.

No-Kill Shelters must have a 90% animals survival rate and euthanasia is only exercised in extreme cases after consultation and careful deliberation.


At Pash we continually work towards rescuing and rehoming animals in Fiji. Our dedicated team work hard towards treating and rehabilitating stray and abandoned animals. While we provide a home and medical care for animals we also continually work towards educating the community about responsible pet ownership. We strongly believe that education is a key tool in improving the animal situation in Fiji.


We operate a state of the art clinic in LegaLega, Nadi. Our clinic provides medical care for our abandoned animals and also provides veterinary services to the general public.