the project

The PASH project was founded for the purpose  of improving the lives of Fiji’s animals through advanced medical care, sheltering, re-homing, educational programs, legislative assistance and enforcement.

There are numerous goals set forth by the organization to make possible the overall improvement  of animal care in the beautiful Islands of Fiji….

                                      Until They Are All Safe

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

PASH is positioned on approximately 8 3/4 acres of gently rolling hills, located close to the Queens Highway and just 3.5 km from the International Airport. It is in an area that is developing quickly and is situated near Votualevu, between Nadi and Lautoka. It is just off LegaLega Road and has spectacular views of the Sleeping Giant mountains.

The acreage provides for future development and allows sufficient room for us to one day provide support for more than just companion animals.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

The land on which PASH was constructed was producing sugar cane when it was purchased. The  land consists of 8 3/4 which has been re-zoned to “Special Use”.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

Construction of the facility was completed in early 2019 and PASH officially opened on the 1st of April, 2019. It covers approximately 7,298 square feet (678 square meters) and has been designed to house all of PASH’s operations under one roof. 

  • Reception Room
  • Exam Rooms
  • Treatment Room
  • Pharmacy
  • Surgery
  • X-Ray Room
  • Cat Boarding
  • Dog Boarding
  • Hospital Intake Room
  • Food Prep Rooms
  • Puppy Room
  • Adoption Centre
  • Exterior Door Runs
  • Catatoriums for kittens and cats
  • Staff Quarters
  • And more

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

Each and every room and area at the new PASH centre has a distinct purpose. Let’s take a closer look.


This is where medical staff examine pets and answer any questions you may have regarding their health and well-being.


Should any treatment be required beyond what is available in the exam room, your pet will be moved either directly to the treatment area or to the “hospital” holding area while they await their turn. The treatment room handles numerous types of cases from wound cleaning, bandaging, treating minor injuries, drawing blood, starting IV fluids to anesthetizing animals for non-sterile procedures such as teeth cleaning and prepping for surgery.


Here you will find Fiji’s first and only full-body x-ray machine dedicated entirely to animals. The ability to take digital x-rays and have instant results has significant benefits and saves animals from suffering. It allows our vets to view EXACTLY what and where the damage is and, in most cases, can prevent amputations, which too often has been the only option in the past.


Should your animal require either elective or emergency surgery, this is where the operation will take place. This is Fiji’s very first modern, clean surgery room solely for animals. This room meets very high standards for cleanliness and therefore minimises the chances of any infections occurring as a result of surgery. It is equipped with state-of-the-art anaesthesia machines, surgical lighting and operating tables. The room is designed to allow two surgeries to occur at the same time.


This is where your pet will stay while awaiting or recovering from surgery or other medical procedures. Rather than wire cages, they will be made comfortable in sterile, modern “quiet cottages”, constructed of easy-to-clean-and-maintain fiberglass. This room is located directly off the treatment area so as to allow monitoring of all animals by medical staff.


This area is where animals being surrendered to PASH are taken for a period of time (usually 3-12 days) to be monitored by staff for any unseen medical or stress problems. Once they are cleared by medical staff, they are taken to the proper areas and readied for adoption or additional attention as may be needed. Each animal leaving the intake area will be individually evaluated by staff to ensure their physical comfort as well as their mental well-being is met as they are brought into the various areas of the shelter. Animal housing in this area, as throughout PASH, will consist of “quiet cottages” constructed of easy-to-clean-and-maintain fiberglass.


Fiji is fortunate to have very few contagious diseases that affect domestic animals. The most obvious one is Parvo which is very contagious to animals and can be fatal. However, there are several other less serious illnesses that still require quarantine in order to prevent the spread of any disease. In the event that any animal arrives at PASH showing signs of a possible contagious disease (or signs show while in INTAKE) that animal will be immediately placed in the Quarantine Room. Only medical and properly trained staff attend to these animals as there are very strict protocols to have access to the Quarantine Room.


We are very excited to be able to provide a modern boarding facility for your cats, which is a designated interior area separate from the shelter and hospital animals. The boarding room offers individual areas for your cat(s), complete with climbing “trees” and windows to watch the great outdoors! In addition, there is a “play time” area where they can explore and be entertained by staff.


Our shelter cats will find a wonderful and comfortable home in their outdoor catatoriums, complete with things to climb on, hide in, and sleep under! We count on our volunteers to help create a playful area with lots of “do it yourself” obstacles and toys!

Our shelter kittens have their very own catatorium right next to the adult cats. It allows them to not feel threatened by the bigger cats and they can happily do what kittens love to do – play, eat and sleep!

As with all our animals, staff and volunteers will spend time with the cats and kittens to socialise them and ensure their success at finding their permanent homes.


We are also excited to have the ability to accept dogs for boarding in an area isolated from shelter and hospital animals. Dogs are boarded in a large indoor run with access to private outdoor runs as well. Our staff take them for daily walks within our completely fenced-in facility and, if you wish, they can spend time in our “dog park” area. We do everything necessary to ensure your dog enjoys their time with us.


Puppies are housed indoors at night and in bad weather and have a large outdoor fenced area to play in during the day (divided between large and small puppies). We are committed to ensuring that our staff and volunteers spend individual time with each and every animal at PASH. This is especially important with puppies, so they can be taught basic good behaviours to help them find their permanent loving homes.


Our adult shelter dogs have large outdoors runs they can share (or not) with other shelter dogs. The runs provide lots of shade (and cover from bad weather) as well as dog houses for sleeping (or hiding)! Staff and volunteers take them for walks, play with them and give them time in our fenced-in “dog park”! Time permitting, trained staff and volunteers teach them basic manners, such as sit, down and no jumping, before they are adopted.


At the heart of PASH is the Adoption Centre located in the centre area of the buildings. This area which we refer to as the “Courtyard”, offers interested adopters an opportunity to sit and spend time with the pets waiting for their forever homes. It also includes a large grass area which is for the enjoyment of our staff and our four-legged residents. It is a quiet place to have lunch outdoors, relax or simply enjoy some peaceful moments!


In addition to the above, PASH has storage rooms, three food-prep areas: one for cats, one for dogs and one for hospital and intake animals, as well as a laundry room complete with an indoor dog wash.


This room is dedicated primarily to owners and those thinking of adoption. It is a quiet, comfortably furnished room where you can meet with medical staff to discuss involved surgeries or a life-ending decision.

We acknowledge it will, at times, be a room of sadness, but it can provide you a special place to be alone with your beloved pet in their final moments. If that is the case, your privacy will always be respected, and you may linger as long as you wish.

We also acknowledge it will, at times, be a room of great happiness and joy as you hold your newly adopted pet while staff finish your paperwork!

Whatever the reason, we always want our two-legged visitors to feel they also have a special place to go, should they need it, whatever the reasons.


In order to further ensure the well-being and safety of the animals in our care, we have an on-site apartment for a permanent staff member. In addition, we have on-site staff quarters for two veterinarians.


PASH provides a community room for animal-related community gatherings. Our goal is to provide educational discussions, some training classes, school visits and more! We believe that getting together, working together, and discussing animal issues will be the way forward to improving the lives of Fiji’s most precious animals AND improving the lives of those who care for and love them.


On-site parking is available.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.