Our Objectives

In order to keep striving towards our ultimate goal, Until They Are All Safe, it is crucial that we have a list of objectives that we continually work towards.

Although our goals are numerous, they ARE achievable and we are dedicated, now and far into the future, to ensure they guide us on this journey.


To engage community support and participation in animal issues through our schools, churches and businesses

To work with local communities as well as government ministries and agencies on animal issues and animal welfare, including stray animal population control


To assist in creating Animal Rights Legislation.

To work with and assist proper authorities on animal cruelty cases


To hold events to promote animal care and adoptions

To hold and promote animal training sessions

To supply literature and information on animal care and welfare

To promote humane treatment and responsible pet care through educational programs


To engage in TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) Programs

To assist in the rescue and re-homing of animals in the event of a disaster

To continue our chip identification program

To promote volunteer and foster programs

Medical Assistance

To promote and assist with individuals or groups visiting Fiji to aid with the care and treatment of animals

To provide low cost medical services

To provide medical care and boarding facilities for domestic pets

Animal Care

To provide food, shelter, social and medical care to stray, abandoned and surrendered animals

To Tain staff and volunteers to assist in the care and improve the lives of our shelter animals

To promote the bond between human and animals

To place animals in permanent, loving and responsible homes