Adoption is an important part of our mission. Here you can find all our animals available for adoption.

Adopt don’t Shop

Every year there are too many cats and dogs abandoned and in shelter homes. This is why we ask our community to please consider adopting a pet instead of buying a pet. Adopting from shelters not only gives these beautiful animals a loving home, it also reduces some backyard breeders who are not following correct breeding standards.

Why Adopt from Us?

At PASH we have a rigorous rehabilitation process. Meaning that we go the extra mile to ensure that our animals are stable and ready to be rehomed. We also offer ongoing medical services for your pet and have onsite dog training options too.

Why we Charge Adoption Fees?

We humbly ask for a small adoption donation. We do this to cover a portion of the medical and related costs incurred.  It costs us between $300-$500 per puppy and $200-$400 per kitten. While this does not cover the entire cost it certainly does help. This small donation reduces our financial pressure and allows us to help a larger number of animals in the community.

What do I need to know before I Adopt?

Before you adopt a pet talk to all your family members and ensure that everyone is equally as excited for a pet. We also suggest checking your budget to ensure that you can afford to keep your pets bellies full and be able to provide them with the basic care. For example, if you are adopting a dog think about factors such as secure fencing, landlord permission, where your dog will sleep hangout etc.
See our Welfare & Advice section for more information before adopting.

What type of animal is right for me?

There are different factors to consider when adopting. It is important to choose a pet that is best suited to your lifestyle. You can talk to our friendly team that can help you make a decision on which animal to adopt.