The Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (Fiji), commonly known as PASH is located on the main Island of Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands, near the International Airport in Nadi. It has constructed the first modern, purpose-built animal hospital and shelter in the country of Fiji. PASH is a non-profit organization registered under the Fiji Charitable Trust Act working to improve the lives of the animals of Fiji.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

To create a time when every animal in Fiji has a loving and responsible home.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

It will be our continuing goal, through our numerous programs, to place the stray, abandoned and surrendered animals of the Fiji Islands in homes where they will find safety, food, shelter and be supported by loving hearts and caring hands.

Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (PASH) began in early 2015 when a small group of dedicated animal lovers came together to discuss how to care for Fiji’s many stray and abandoned animals. The Fiji government does not provide funding for animal welfare agencies.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.


Thankfully, a member of our group Bob Facciola, an American ex-pat living in Fiji, stepped forward and offered to purchase the property and provide the funds to construct the buildings. This has allowed us to build the first purpose-built shelter where abandoned and mistreated cats and dogs can be housed and treated.

Fortunately, we were able to find a suitable parcel of land about 3.5 kilometres from Nadi International Airport, and Conway Beg of CarchStudio Architects in Suva offered his services to design our building. He created an oasis where commitment, compassion and hard work will thrive. A place where abandoned and neglected animals will find comfort, security and loving care.

With the help of the relevant Fiji government agencies and ministers, we were able to have the land rezoned to allow for the shelter’s construction. 

PASH is a registered not-for-profit charity under the Fiji Charitable Trust Act. This ensures all donations stay with us, to be used strictly within the objectives of our organisation.

  • To provide food, shelter, social and medical care to stray, abandoned and surrendered animals
  • To train staff and volunteers to assist in the care and improve the lives of our shelter animals
  • To provide low cost medical services
  • To promote the bond between humans and animals
  • To place animals in permanent, loving and responsible homes
  • To promote volunteer and foster programs
  • To promote humane treatment and responsible pet care through educational programs
  • To provide medical care and boarding facilities for domestic pets
  • To initiate a chip identification program
  • To engage community support and participation in animal issues through our schools, churches and businesses
  • To work with local communities as well as government ministries and agencies on animal issues and animal welfare, including stray animal population control
  • To assist in creating Animal Rights Legislation
  • To work with and assist proper authorities on animal cruelty cases
  • To hold events to promote animal care and adoptions
  • To hold and promote animal training sessions
  • To engage in TNR (trap, neuter, and release) programs
  • To supply literature and information on animal care and welfare
  • To promote and assist with individuals or groups visiting Fiji to aid with the care and treatment of animals
  • To assist in the rescue and re-homing of animals in the event of a disaster

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

Although our goals are numerous, they ARE achievable and we are dedicated, now and far into the future, to ensure they guide us on this journey.

PASH operates on the belief that transparency makes all things possible. Our books will be open, our yearly tax returns will be published on our website and we will be certain that our donors and supporters have a full accounting of PASH’s finances.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

We look at this not only as our obligation, but as our privilege to help
build the trust that is necessary for our success.



Bob Facciola is a Co-founder and Trustee of the Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (Fiji). Born in San Francisco, California, he built a successful business in the Silicon Valley area, which he owned and ran before selling it in 2007. He is passionate about animals and has shared his homes with dogs for many years. He has also owned and shown, with great success, many of his American Saddlebred and Standardbred horses. As a current resident of Fiji, Bob has become well aware of the issues facing the animals here in the Islands. It is through Bob’s generosity that PASH has become a reality.

Bob brings a lifetime of business experience to PASH and his “common sense” and fairness approach in dealing with issues places him at the head of the table as our first Chairman of the Board of Trustees.



Marie is a Co-founder and Trustee of the Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (Fiji). Born in New Jersey, she grew up in North Carolina and moved to California in the mid-1980s. This was home for the next 28 years and it was there she met Bob Facciola.

Marie worked for several years as a para-legal after business college, but the passion she had for horses from an early age took over and she began her career as a professional horse trainer, based on the West Coast of the United States. She had the opportunity to train several World Champions and truly lived the life she had dreamed of as a child.

Marie has had many cats over the years, but there has never been a day in her life that she did not have a dog (or dogs) by her side.

Bob and Marie visited many islands together, but it was Fiji that always called them back. They loved the beautiful Islands and found the people to be friendly and welcoming. In 2013, having decided it was time for retirement, they left their beloved State of California and moved to Fiji. Their time spent here, as visitors, and now as residents, has given them insight into the enormity of the animal situation in the Islands of Fiji.

Both Bob and Marie are dedicated to improving the quality of life and care for the animals of Fiji.



Anntoinette is a Trustee of the Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (Fiji). Australian born, she and her husband Errol moved to Fiji in 1980 and have called the Fiji Islands home ever since. Upon their arrival, they set about to develop the up-market Club Naitasi Resort on Malolo Island, located 45 minutes by boat off the main island of Viti Levu. They managed the Resort until 1992 when they returned to Viti Levu and acquired Pacific Apparel, Fiji’s largest commercial uniform manufacturer.

Their love of resorts and resort management saw them decide to sell the apparel business in 1997, and they acquired the Nadi Bay Hotel in the village of Martintar, which they updated, expanded and renamed the Nadi Bay Resort Hotel. Thinking retirement might be a nice option, they sold the resort in 2014 and Antoinette stayed on until mid-2016 as manager.

Throughout her life, Anntionette has been an avid animal lover. Cats hold a special place in her heart, but she has a strong feeling of compassion for all animals. During her time in Fiji she was instrumental in forming and supporting an animal welfare group that is an essential facility in the western division of Fiji. Her business background and years of commitment to the animals of Fiji provide her a unique opportunity to help guide PASH on its mission.

Renita Reddy

Renita is a Trustee of the Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (Fiji). Born in Auckland, she grew up on New Zealand and moved to Fiji in 2013. Fiji is now home for Renita and where she found her passion for rehabilitating stray animals in Fiji when her German Shepherd faith joined the family. 

Renita worked for several companies in New Zealand in the field of occupational health and safety and training and development. She now runs her family owned business in Fiji and has further pursued her passion for dog training, she went to New Jersey to expand her knowledge in this field and now specialises in rehabilitation of adult dogs. 

Travelling has been a key part of Renita’s life and she has a particular interest in societal dynamics and experiencing different cultures. She now runs a social media platform which focuses on mental wellbeing in Fiji. She is an advocate for the use of animals as a key tool for wellbeing. She also hopes to one day run a retirement village for unwanted & senior dogs in Fiji. 

Renita is an active member at our facility and is dedicated to PASH. 




Sue is a Co-Founder of the Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (Fiji). She brings to PASH more than 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry. Born in Southern England in 1959, she started work as a dental nurse. She married in 1983 and shortly thereafter she and her husband Allen moved to New Zealand where they lived until Allen’s business brought them to Fiji in 1991.

Sue came to Fiji assuming that veterinarian care was easily accessible, but soon discovered the only animal clinic in the country was the SPCA in the capital of Suva. Sue took it upon herself to take a long-distance course in vet nursing and shelter set-up. Soon she joined a group of individuals who arranged to bring in overseas vets to operate spay/neuter clinics. In the meantime, she had convinced the SPCA to send a vet to the western division of the country every few months to operate. Her kitchen became the operating room. She served for several years as a Committee Member of the Fiji SPCA.

Soon they outgrew the kitchen and Sue was instrumental in setting up an SPCA clinic location in the western part of the main Island of Viti Levu, approximately three hours from Suva. The clinic became an animal shelter as well for abandoned cats and dogs.

Having worked with numerous overseas veterinarians, giving tirelessly of their time and efforts, Sue gained tremendous insight into the need for a permanent, fully-equipped animal care facility in the Fiji Islands. Thus, she joined the small group of people on a January morning in 2015 to discuss what would become PASH.

The following individuals have also shown their unwavering and continued support for this project from its earliest conception.



A Post-Doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, Graeme has a love of parasitology. Also a keen supporter of animal welfare in Fiji, he previously assisted Lynn and Sue at the Nadi SPCA clinic a number of times prior to its closure, and remains a frequent visitor to Fiji.



Angus has been involved in veterinary diagnostic pathology for more than fifteen years, gaining membership of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in 1995. His skills encompass both clinical and anatomic pathology. Angus also has a particular interest in production animal herd health. This includes an emphasis on serology and the laboratory role in relation to mineral and trace element testing. More recently, he has been a practicing vet involved in animal welfare for a number of years in Fiji. Angus currently serves as a part time veterinarian at the PASH facility. 


Partnering with PASH

These are our major sponsors who have chosen to give back to the community by supporting PASH through long-term funding or long term commitments of in-kind support. They help us strive to meet our goals and partner with us on this journey to forever improve the lives of Fiji’s companion animals.

Platinum Sponsors

Many businesses seek to support local non-profits as a way of giving back to the communities that support their businesses. Likewise many individuals reach out to charities in the communities in which they live….always making a difference. Improving the lives of our companion animals not only helps the animals, but all who call Fiji home.

In-kind partners

These are our partners who provide “in-kind “donations of any of a number of items required to maintain and care for our animals and premises. These companies or individuals allow us to use cash donations in other areas to provide continuing care for the animals.

Cash donors

The backbone of any non-profit, these donations cover the day-to-day operating expenses that allow us to care for and shelter Fiji’s most precious animals.

Business fundraisers

Businesses can help by providing funds to PASH which are received from hosting fundraising events or by donating a percentage of product sales.

If you would like information on how you
or your company can partner with us, please email us at

We will be happy to explore with you the range
of sponsorship programs we have available or simply create
a new one for you or your company.

“No-kill” shelters have a goal of ensuring at least 90% of survivable animals entering the shelter are re-homed, or in a few cases live their lives out as an animal “adopted” by the shelter as an “in-house” pet.

We will do everything possible, and sometimes the seemingly “impossible” to give every animal a chance at a happy and pain-free life.

Help give Fiji’s unwanted animals a better life. Donate today.

Unfortunately, there will always be some animals who, in spite of best efforts, have a temperament that puts staff at risk, have no hope of survival, or would suffer from ongoing pain and discomfort if kept alive. In those cases, where a reasonable quality-of-life cannot be sustained, the humane choice will be to euthanize the animal. However, euthanization will always be our very last option and will only be done in consultation with staff and medical staff.

It is the goal of PASH to continually operate towards a “no-kill” shelter status.